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Drone Aeroplus

Drone Aeroplus

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Do you want to buy your first drone? This drone is perfect for beginners and intermediates wishing to take photos and videos in 4K quality.
It has easy controls that can allow any beginner to get the best photo and video results, with easy and stable flight.

High resolution camera

Whether you're flying over a hill or hovering over buildings, the Drone Aeroplus lets you shoot great videos. The drone uses an image sensor which can shoot high-definition videos, conveying every creative detail and sense of reality. Thanks to the FPV system, photos and videos are transferred directly and without delay to your phone.

Plan your route

You can control the trajectory of the drone through the app. You just need to draw a route on the app screen and it will move in the corresponding direction or in a circle, showing you the scenery in real time.

Effortless return home

Have you gone too far in your adventures to take it back safely? No worries, click the return button and the drone will land in front of you.

Simply automatically saves the starting position before takeoff. So, when you need to get your drone back home, you can go to the next step by pressing the button.

Equipped with headless mode

Do you remember the first time you tried to back a car out of a parking space?

For many, this seems counter-intuitive at first. Piloting a drone presents a similar complication, made even trickier by the fact that you can't always see your drone in flight.

No matter which direction your drone flies, no matter what angle, the direction of the remote control is easier, making it easy for beginners to use it.

Shoot with your hand

◦ Interactive recording of gestures.

Free yourself from your hands and gesture within 1-5 meters to take a photo. This is useful for taking a group photo during your activities!

Compatible with all phones

Pilot your drone from your smartphone by installing our free application available and without subscription on the Apple Store and the Play Store.

Take your creations to new heights with powerful and intelligent storytelling tools built into the APP, cover and uncover unseen ground.

Automatic altitude control

◦ Intelligent fixed-height suspension.

Your drone can stabilize at a fixed height regardless of the conditions, allowing you to focus on your activities while your Whether you're flying over a hill or hovering over buildings, the Drone Aeroplus takes care of the cinematic part with more stable shots.

Fold and go

Over the past few years, we have regularly released updates to the Drone Aeroplus. The propellers fold inwards to make the drone easier to transport and better protected during your adventures.

Easy to fold, the feeling is perfect, even after thousands of folding and unfolding, it can still guarantee flight stability.

360° in the air

We are constantly innovating for new features, this one is stunning.

You no longer need to be an expert drone pilot to enjoy tricks and flips. Push a button, nothing more - the stunts are amazing!

Modular battery 25 min

No more battery. More time. More time for creativity. The Drone Aeroplus can fly for up to 25 minutes without interruption. So there's plenty of time to experiment with creative camera angles and take imaginative photos. When you order your drone, you have the possibility to buy several interchangeable batteries.

What's in the box?

We consider our customers important until the moment of reception! A team of professional and qualified pilots is at your disposal, and has prepared a complete pack for you to start your adventure easily:

1x Drone
1x bluetooth remote control
1x Battery
4x additional propellers
1x Battery Charger
1x Screwdriver
1x Carry Bag
1x User Manual
1x Access to our free application

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Customer Reviews

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This is my first drone and I'm honestly surprised it's so easy to fly.


Excellent product, no regrets, good value for money.


Product quality, functionality, stability, remote control, all well done.

No complaints

Very good drone, comes with very good quality.